h3 American Kids  2Step  >PDF >Video 
     All about a woman  ECS  >PDF >Video 
   Beautiful Day  WCS > PDF > Video
  h3 Bonaparte's Retreat  2Step  >PDF >Video
  h3 Cabo san Lucas   ChaCha >PDF >Video
  h3 Canadian Stomp  2Step >PDF  >Video 
  h3 Cherokee Boogie  ECS >PDF  >Video 
  h3 Codigo  2Step >PDF >Video
  h3 Come dance with me  WCS >PDF >Video
  h3 Corn don't grow  2Step >PDF >Video
  h3 Country as can be  ECS >PDF  >Video 
  h3 Disappearing Taillights  2Step >PDF >Video
  h3 Down on your Uppers  Polka >PDF >Video
  h3 Gypsy Queen   2Step  >PDF >Video
  h3 I close my eyes  ChaCha >PDF >Video
  h3 Joana  2Step >PDF >Video 
  h3 Lonely Drum >PDF >Video
  h3 Mama Loo  ECS  >PDF  >Video 
  h3 Missing  ECS >PDF >Video
  h3 Off the beaten track   2Step >PDF >Video
  h3 Oh me oh my oh  2Step >PDF
  h3 People are crazy  2Step >PDF >Video
  h3 Playboys  WCS  >PDF >Video
  h3 Rocket to the Sun  Funky >PDF >Video 
  h3 Quarter to Six   ECS  >PDF  >Video
  h3 Something in the Water  Polka >PDF       >Video 
  h3 Stroll along Cha Cha   ChaCha >PDF  >Video 
  h3 Tag on  2Step >PDF >Video
  h3 Telepathy  2Step >PDF >Video
  h3 The Trail  2Step >PDF >Video
  h3 Three Teacher  2Step >PDF >Video
  h3 Tush Push  ECS >PDF >Video
  h3 Where we've been  Nightclub >PDF >Video
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